Oral Sex Tips & Tricks


5 Oral Sex Tips to Wow your partner.

Use what you’ve got

Just because we call it oral, doesn’t mean you can’t use your hands or feet, or toys to help your partner get there. Sex is about you and your partner achieving pleasure in whatever way is comfortable for you.

If you’re pleasuring a penis, use your hands to extend the length of your mouth. 

If you’re pleasuring a pussy, explore adding fingers, a dildo or a vibrator into the mix. 

Stick with what you know

It’s a safe bet to continue doing exactly what you were doing to get your partner aroused to get them off.  OMGYES has found that many women need the exact same stimulation to achieve climax.  It can be different each time. What matters most is consistent pressure, movement and attention to reach the big “O”.   

Try something new

Patterns and pressure are a sure-fire way to change things up. Try a light touch, a gently caress or more direct stimulation. A new approach is best attempted during pre-arousal or early stimulation. If your partner's a pro or you're looking for something different, make a move as your partner approaches orgasm.  

Apply Techniques

Masturbation techniques are great inspiration for oral. Try adding one or more of these masturbation techniques to complement your mouth and tongue action.

The Cuddle – Where the cuddle uses two or three fingers to gently apply pressure to the entire vulva – an oral approach for this technique involves using your lips and tongue to apply a similar type of pressure.

The Squeeze -  Where the squeeze employs pressure along the head and shaft squeezing with your hand, an oral approach for this involves using your lips and tongue to apply similar pressure.

Pay Attention

Watch your partner’s response.  Listen for encouragement.  Ask your partner for feedback. 


Looking for more inspiration?  Check out masturbation techniques for women and edging for the men. Need a story to set the stage?